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World-Class Business Builders International

What Does World-Class Mean? A Great American Success Story

Though this is a fictional account, my goal is to present the reader with a plausible account of how  World-Class Business Builders International is designed to interact with a prospective client. I chose to write this account in the 1st person in an attempt to maintain a realistic perspective.

My hope is that the reader will walk away with a deeper understanding of how the World-Class model is uniquely designed to launch a new world standard of quality business operations unlike the global business enterprise has ever seen before.

These are indeed exciting times knowing that status quo is no longer excepted as a business standard of operation. A world-class business operation is considered the very best business operational standard based on numerous  and well defined quality operational standards as outlined on our webpage -

We hope you enjoy the 1st part of our exciting 3 part series - What Does World-Class Mean?

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The Good and the Bad In A Viable Operation:
When you think of world-class, what is the first impression that comes to your mind? We've heard of world-class wines, world-class cigars, world-class schools, etc. By definition world-class means: being among the best or foremost in the world; of an international standard of excellence: a world-class figure skater as an example.

So now I think we can agree that world-class essentially means the best of the best, in anything or anyone. Can we then agree, that such a lofty label can be placed on a place of business, a facility or institution? Sure we can and we do.

Here at World-Class Business Builders International, this is exactly what we do. We aspire to transform the average business into a world-class powerhouse. Let's use a specific model, shall we? Let's take a look at Aunt Ruthie's Specialty Chocolates, a fictional business plauged with operational problems that actually exist in our everyday business world.

Aunt Ruthie's is a relatively small manufacturing and retail operator located in the mid-west. The company produces an extensive line of premium chocolates and other confectionery products. The company's revenues are derived from three principal sources: website sales, brick and mortar sales and specialty gift packages designed for the holidays. Gift baskets and gift cards are also offered. 

Recently, the owner of Aunt Ruthie's has made an important decision and potential game changer by moving their lumbering operation to a bigger, more sophisticated facility, jumping from approximately 2000 square feet to 4000 square feet, increasing their daily output by more than twice the current rate. To meet the demand in growth, they will need to hire eight more qualified employees, adding to their current staff of seven.

There's a problem though and it's a big one. Management is currently struggling with three essential processes: a struggling employee base, aged equipment and a plathera of production problems in the form of contraints and bottlenecks. 

Though sales have been increasing by approximately 12 to 14 percent in the past two years, the operation as a whole continues to struggle due to the lack of proper training and the inability to communicate effectively between management and the teams out on the operations floor.

In a normal, 10 hour work day, production may be slowed by the lack of effective communications and mixed message being sent to the operations floor via an interdepartmental phone that has been placed in a bad location near a stream of loud packaging equipment. When the phone chimes, the lead is required to break away from her critical position to respond.

Owner and CEO Donny Blasco is meeting with his operations manager in his office. The conversation goes like this: "So what do you think Suzy, do you like the way things are going?"

Susan Rolly responds, "Well, we're meeting our daily quotas," she pauses briefly, "most of the time. Our numbers look good though they could be better. Once we move into the new facility, I think we'll really be on top of our game."   

Donny slowly leans back in his executive chair while producing his signature look, the one that most employees dread, "Do you really think so? I know we need to work on our numbers Are you saying you can guarantee all our current problems will magically disappear? By the way, we all know, 'most of the time' just isn't good enough."

Suzy suddenly realizes she has fallen into one of those signature Donny Blasco traps. She stops to construct a solid response and there seems to be just one good answer. "Donny, I know of this company, World-Class Business Builders International through a good friend of mine. My friend swears by this company and highly recommends that we consider giving them a call. I think they can help us get our house in order before we move so that we are truly on top of our game after the dust has settled."

"Humm. I think I've heard of that company myself. They seem to have a pretty impressive track record. I suppose giving them a call couldn't hurt anything. I'm all for a fresh set of eyes coming in and evaluating our operation." Donny leans forward while the dreadful look transforms into his signature happy face. "Tell you what, I'll give them a call and get back to you this afternoon."

Part 2
World-Class Business Builders International Comes To The Rescue - Coming September 10th, 2015

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